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Personal Protection Dogs

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Security for Your Family

LGK9 also train and provide personal and family protection dogs. They are highly trained K9 companions and protectors that are impressively socially mannered, well versed in obedience, yet able to provide physical security for their owners and family.

Most potential customers want to stop the threat of their homes being burgled, whilst others may be worried about the possibility of kidnapping or an violent robbery. Most though simply want the added security and peace of mind that owning a trained LGK9 protection dog brings.

Most  of our clients wish to improve the security surrounding themselves and their families. While there are a variety of ways to do this, a trained LGK9 protection dog provides an effective solution and yet comes with all the benefits of owning a loving family pet. All of our protection dogs are friendly and completely safe as a family pet. They are trained to quickly act and intervene should the security of their family or home be threatened in any way. Their protection training lasts a lifetime and will kick in when needed, even if years have gone by and their skills have not been practised.


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Peace of Mind


LGK9 protection dogs are trained to respond to a potential threat in an appropriate manner to the level and imminence of the danger posed. They will in the first instance normally try to deter a potential assailant or security breach by a show of controlled aggression i.e. by barking and/or growling. In many cases this will suffice, however if the threat is not deterred by the warnings given by the dog or its owner, or even if the owner is in immediate risk of being assaulted, the dog will either with or without command, disable the threat by biting and holding the assailant; not releasing until commanded to do so.

Once the threat has been neutralised or a potential intruder sent off, the dog upon command will return to being the friendly family pet that it was before the incident occurred.

Many of our clients fear being targeted by criminals for a variety of reasons. Some have previously been the victim of a home invasion, personal assault or robbery, where others have seen their friends lives changed as result of a violent encounter within their home.


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LG-K9 provide industry leading both domestic and security K9 training in Cheshire and surrounding areas. Our first class trainer and decoys will work in close partnership with you and your dog to provide innovative and reliable solutions to your training needs.

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